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Super powered Face Masks to shake up your daily skincare regime. Check out our Face Masks and Face Masks collections!

INC.redible Cosmetics Cat Nap Brightening Face Mask
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Thanks for visiting Nails.INC London. We may be the UK’s number 1 nail polish brand, but that doesn't mean we're not experts in other cosmetics too. Explore our range of body masks and pamper yourself properly - it's what you deserve. Feel fruity with our Berry Good Pair boob and bum masks, or sit back, Guac and Relax with our Nourishing Avocado and Kale Bum Mask. Find out more about our superfood body masks and why we think you'll ap-PEACH-iate them alot Berry Good Pair

At Nails.INC we prioritise looking after our hands and feet, which is a task made easy with our masks. Whether it's hydrating your hands with our Thirsty Hands hand masks, or taking care of your heels and toes with our exfoliating Sole Heeler foot masks, super-soft skin is a guarentee. Look and feel INC.credible always with Nails.INC.