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Keep your nails happy and healthy with over 100 perfected shades. Whats your nail polish piority? Nail Polish Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Nail Polish or Nail Polish? We've got them all! 

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Thanks for visiting Nails.INC London. As the UK’s number 1 nail polish brand, we’re proud to lead the way in all things nail polish with first-to-market product innovation, unrivalled colour quality and the glossiest of manicures. Here at Nails.INC, colour is a serious business for us. With every shade of polish you could dream of available, there won't be an outfit that you can't colour coordinate your nails with. Natural nudes, perky pinks, striking silvers, breathtaking blues - you want it, we've got it!

Aswell as our extensive range of colours and shades, we also supply a wide selection of various finishes - whether you're a glossy, high shine type of person, or more into a matte finish, we've got you covered. Aswell as looking good, you'll be sure to feel good too with our vegan, cruelty free, Halal free and '21 free' polish policy - be kind to your nails and the planet. To learn more about our revolutionary 73% plant based nail polish formula and what exactly we mean by '21 free', check out our blog post Plant Power

At Nails.INC we believe that small acts of self-kindness can really can brighten up your day. We strive to make sure all nails are happy and healthy whilst looking 100% INC.redible.