Nail Buff

Nail Buff


These days, your nails can become a sign of stress. Well, we think they deserve a well-earned treat. Consider this nail-buffing guide a step-by-step map to using our Easy Filer tool. It’s your one-way ticket to beautiful nails, designed to buff away unevenness, smooth ridges and boost shine. Follow these simple steps to prep your nails before adding a lick of paint (in a colour of your choice from our range – there are plenty to choose from), in preparation for a flawless manicure. Sounds good to us…

You Will Need: Nails.INC Easy Filer, Back To Life Base Coat, 45 Second Speedy Gloss nail polish of choice

  1. Here we go. First of all, take your Nails.INC Easy Filer and slide your fingers through the centre. This makes the most of its ergonomic design, and more importantly allows for the perfect hand position to accurately file and buff nails using the outside of the file.
  2. Get to work. Buff the nails on the opposite hand using the two different surfaces on the outside of the file. This will help remove any staining from the surface (we know you left your last polish for waaay too long).
  3. Now we’re getting somewhere, so with your fingers still in the centre of the Nails.INC Easy Filer, use the inside of the file to shine your nails. This will remove any dullness and make your nail super shiny.
  4. When it’s time to colour, start with a layer of Back To Life Base Coat. This product has changed damaged nails worldwide, aka the holy grail in our office, and we all swear by it. (Our golden rule is to always wear a base coat as it preps your nails pre any nail polish). It creates a smooth, flawless canvas ensuring perfect application and longwearing results.
  5. Then comes the fun part – the polish. We’re going for our 45 Second Speedy Gloss nail polish, the world’s fastest-drying nail polish (humble brag), in shade Knightsbridge Nights Out.
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Our nail polish range is #crueltyfree and #vegan, designed to keep your nails 100% happy and healthy, because you know, nails get bored too.

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