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Looking for some top tips to detox and restore your nails this year? We sat down with an expert – Emma, a nail technician at our Selfridges Nail Bar – with all of our burning questions.

Which 3 Nails.INC products could you not live without? First, definitely the Superfood Repair Oil. I think it’s because it’s so useful and it’s quite a strong cuticle oil, so I find I use it more and more in the winter. The second is the Caffeine Hit scrub! It makes my hands feel so soft and the result is instant! The third would probably be any of the glitter polishes! The glitter that Nails.INC does is so pigmented and so beautiful and because it’s glitter that lasts longer! What’s the best way to keep your nails strong and healthy?1. Don’t over buff the nail plate, it makes them thinner and more liable to break. 2. If your nails are bare, it’s best to have a base coat on them, preferably a treatment base coat. Or some polish, as it adds a little strength to the nails. 3. Some good cuticle oil, especially at night. Not only will it keep your nails hydrated, but also keep them healthy as the oil can soak into the nail bed where the nails start to grow. So, they will grow stronger and healthier. 4. Like a good haircut, if your nails are damaged, it’s best to keep them short and cut down to the most damaged end part of the nail. The nail that grows will be healthier and it gets rid of the damaged ends to stop them from breaking badly. How can you help your nails and hands to combat winter weather dryness? To keep your hands and nails better in this winter weather, again it would have to be a really strong cuticle oil. If your hands are very dry you should have two, one light day time oil and a very strong night time oil. So at night your hands can heal. I would also say a hand lotion to keep the hands hydrated. What I would recommend for the ultimate hand restoration is a hand scrub – to buff off the driest skin, then cover the nail plate with oil and put them in a hydrating hand mask. After that, rub in the excess from the hand mask and the hands and nails will feel like new! How often should nail treatments be applied? Nail treatments should be applied as per the condition of your nails. Ideally a nail treatment should be when you don’t have anything else on your nails anyway. However, that can be difficult, so I would recommend if you have nice healthy nails already, then a nail treatment should be around every three weeks to maintain what you have. If on the other hand, you have had gels on, then I would recommend a treatment as soon as the gels are off. And that should stay on until you are ready for gels again. If your nails are very damaged from gels or extensions then I would recommend having some kind of nail treatment for at least four weeks, so you can really get rid of the most damaged parts of the nail.What’s the best way to file your nails?The best way to file your nails is slowly and gently. It also depends on the kind of file grit. The higher the grit means the softer the file, and if your nails are damaged, a very soft grit file will be best. It is important to go slowly when filing your nails because you can have more control over the shape and you don’t run the risk of burning/cutting yourself with a sharp new file. You can also rub two files together to dull them a little bit before you file.What are your top 3 must-have products or tools for any at-home manicure?The top three products to have at home to make a nice basic manicure is first, a nail file. Then a wooden, metal or plastic cuticle stick, depending on how strong your cuticles are. This is so you can push them back and give yourself the most nail space. Third is a buffer block. It’s important to smooth out the nail and make it look fresh. Once you have your nail prepped, any polish or anything you apply is going to look so much better!What is the most important step in a manicure?The most important step in a manicure would have to be the first: filing. As soon as nails are filed, they automatically look better. If you don’t have a lot of time, just having your nails filed and shaped can make your hands look and feel better.What is the most popular type of manicure, in your experience?In my experience, the most popular type of manicure is the file and polish: it’s fast and effective. You can get the basics of the manicure and leave with your nails nicely shaped and coloured.How can you maintain a manicure for longer?I have a couple of tips. Applying a top coat to polished nails halfway through the week will bring back the shine and re-add the strength. Also keeping your hands hydrated and not too dry. This is to keep the cuticles soft which helps keep a manicure for longer! Also, don’t forget to wear gloves! For either polish or gels, when cleaning or washing up, the chemicals can compromise your manicure – it can make your polish chip and your gels lift up, but wearing gloves will protect them an your hands in general.Another tip: don’t keep your hands wet for long periods of time. If you have gels or polish, soaking them in hot water too soon after getting them done can cause them to chip and lift. So, I wouldn’t recommend getting your nails done and then having a very hot bath or shower – give them a little time to settle in.How can you make your nails grow longer?To keep your nails longer, I would recommend nail treatments as they will grow stronger and become longer before they might break. I would also say an application of gels will help your nails grow longer as they will be protected underneath as they grow. Finally, I think just having polish or anything on your nails will help them grow, as for many people it stops them biting them.What’s your favourite Nails.INC product overall?It has to be the Caffeine Hit scrub! I just love how it feels on my hands and how it smells. The scrub isn’t too hard, so it just rubs really nicely on the skin and when you wash it off, it makes your hands feel so nice and smooth. It doesn’t just exfoliate the hands but the nails also, so your hands look so fresh.What nail trend will we be seeing more of in 2022?

I’m excited to say I think we’ll be seeing more nail art! For the past couple of years, it has been growing in popularity and there are so many styles of nail art to try! Nail art has trends in itself with designs that are always so imaginative. So, I’m excited to see what the next new design will be!

Want more tips? Let us know! Tag us IRL with your stronger, healthier manis over on Instagram @nailsinc - we are also here to answer any questions you may have and let us know what nail tutorials you would like to see!

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